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How do I choose the correct Washer and Dryer for my basement? What do I need to know before buying them?

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I have been using an old "Inglis" top load washing machine for almost 8 years and finally it broke down completely. I tried getting some quotes on how much would it take to fix the old washer but I quickly realized that it could be quite expensive to have it repaired. Some repairman charges money just to take a look at the washer and if I agree to have it repaired, they would charge me for parts and labour which does add up a lot. Even if the washer had been fixed, I will live with the old washer. Not that I Don't like my old washer, it is just that I could add some more money and get a new washer instead of spending money on repairs which might not last long. Having a new washer will last me for at least another 8 years hopefully.

So I decided to buy a new front load washer and dryer. I didn't want to buy the dryer but my life partner is lazy to have to hang the washed clothes and prefer to have the clothes dry as fast as possible by a dryer at the expense of our expensive electricity bills. What is the major difference between top load washer and front load washer? Is it okay to stack both washer and dryer, due to the limits on my basement space?
asked in Summerside by Roxanne Ng (160 points)

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2 Answers

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Before you go out to buy an electric dryer, you need to know that modern days dryer mostly uses 240 Volt electricity current outlet. As you would know the regular power outlet where you usually plug in your electronics such as laptop, TV, Microwave or any other smaller electronics, won't work for a dryer. First of all, the plug design is totally different from the regular three pin outlet. Take a look at the below pictures for comparison:

1. Regular power outlet looks like this:

Power Outlet Canada

2. Electric Clothes Dryer power outlet looks like this:

Electric Power Outlet Dryer

So you can see that an electric dryer power outlet has a four pin prong opening where you can plug in your electric dryer and it requires 240 Volt. You will need to call a Licensed Electrician to install the dryer power outlet for you. You can't do it yourself as you run the risk of causing a fire if you do it wrong. They usually charges somewhat around $600 to install the dryer power outlet. Depending on if your Electric power box has any space or power amperage left, you can ask electrician to simply add the dryer outlet. Otherwise, you may need to ask your city to add another power electric line of 240 Volt to connect into your house. This the latter one cost about $5000 plus to do so. So do your homework before you go out and purchase the dryer only to find that you will need to spend lots of money later on getting the correct 240 Volt for your dryer.

Some Electric dryer with lower capacity could use the three pin prong regular power outlet but they are not as powerful as those ones that uses 240 Volt dryer.

When using the front load clothes washing machine, it uses less water and helps you save on your water cost. But it may use more electricity as you will see that most settings in front load washer takes about 50 minutes or more. The top load washing machine uses a lot more water than the front load washing machine. The top load washing machine also causes lots of lint to stick to the clothes during washing which can make a new T-shirt look old after only one wash. I find that the front load clothes washer doesn't have the problem of lint sticking to the clothes after each wash. 

Top load washing machine makes a lot louder noise when washing but it is easier to put the clothes into the washer. You do not have to bend down to put the clothes into the dryer. Whereas for a front load washer, you need to really bend down or squat down to put the clothes into the washer. It all comes down to personal choice and habits when choosing the right dryer and washer. Home Depot has some of the best and reasonable deals compared to other places like Lowes, bestbuy, Leons, Bricks, Rona. I have looked at all those other stores and none could beat the deals home depot gave me. 

i also opted for the 4 years extended warranty in addition to 1 year manufacturer warranty because i figured they gave me a good discount on the set of clothes washer and dryer. So i used the money saved to buy myself peace of mind in case if the machines goes bad. I read online that one such repairs for washers or dryers could go up to $300 or more for labour only. The extended warranty right about cost the same too. But i could have it repaired for many number of times in case it keeps breaking down. If they can't fix it then, they will replace it for a new set of washers or dryers under the warranty terms.

answered by Donald Williams (146 points)
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Watch video on "How to choose the right type of Clothes Washer and Dryer that works best for your situation":

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