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How do i fix a broken casement window operator in an old window which will not open at all?

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I have an old window which had a broken casement window operator, i don't know exactly how this thing broke but i remembered that the window cannot be opened anymore now. I could see the inside of the casement window operator and nothing happens when i turn the window crank handle. My window handle parts look very much like the one below but it is not the actual photo:

Casement window operator

I believe that i may need to buy a new casement window operator as i can see the old ones are completely useless now. I may be new to this repair of window and any help is greatly appreciated. Does anyone know if Home Depot, Lowes or Rona sells the correct window hardware parts?

asked in Victoriaville by amelia dawson (156 points)

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2 Answers

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If you will look closely at the pictures you posted above, you will see that the portion which the person is holding is called the window casement operator. The one end of the casement part are screwed in to the base end of the window frame and the other end is screwed onto the window itself usually with one single screw. To remove the old window casement parts, you will simply have to unscrew all the screws attaching to the casement operator and the window base. If you have the old window crank handle part still in good condition, do not throw it because you can still use it on your new window casement operator.

Below is a picture of a sample window crank handle:

Window Crank Handle

Remember, that when you order your new casement windows parts, it doesn't come with this above window crank handle. You will have to use your old window crank handle or buy a new one. 

1. Remove your old window casement operator and hold the parts in your hand. Study the parts carefully because you will need to know the exact size and design in order to buy the exact same parts correctly.  Usually the old window casement operator does not have a name brand engraved on it. From what i know the older windows and parts were manufactured by "TRUTH" hardware brand and yours could be the same brand as well.

2. Go to this website called "Directwindowparts.ca" and look for the exact parts as your old window casement operator. This company is based in Montreal and they have their office or warehouse there. If you need help, you can call their customer service number or chat with them through online. I tried calling them about my shipment but it went through to the voice mail. I tried using online chat they had, and was able to get hold of some customer service representative. They were helpful and helped me with my concerns. My parts arrived within 3 working business days even though Canada Post was having a regional strikes in Ontario and other provinces throughout Canada.

3. They only accept credit card payments and don't worry about the safety of using your credit card with their website because they use encrypted technology and i didn't have any problem with my credit card getting stolen.

4. You may find that their website "My Account" features is very limited and doesn't offer real time or latest updates with regards to the shipment updates but once they shipped out the parts, your order will be listed as fulfilled.

5. Once you received your new window casement operator, you can install it simply by screwing back into the same hole as before. One reminder though, do not throw away your old screws or the window crank handle because they don't provide any screws with the new parts. 

There is no point in going to Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, Home Hardware, Canadiantire or any other home hardware store to buy the window casement operator parts because you won't find it. I went to all of the stores i just mentioned and i couldn't find it at all. I bought a similar one from Home Depot and had to returned it the next day. What a waste of my gas and time. 

answered by Emma Brown (130 points)
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Watch video on "How to replace an old broken casement window operator with a new one":

answered by Window casement operator

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