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How do i renew my Car's license plate sticker in Ontario and when is a good time to do the renewal?

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Just a few months ago, my dad gifted me a Dodge Caravan Minivan since he wasn't driving much and he is getting too old to drive anyways. I am quite glad to receive the car as a gift and i had been wanting to buy a new car for myself, but i could do with a gifted car even though it is a bit old. I was wondering when i should be renewing my Ontario license plate sticker and what are the steps to do the renewal?

One of my friend did not renew his license plate sticker and he was driving around his dad's car all this while, until one fine day, he got stopped by the cops. Luckily for him, the car belongs to his dad and his dad was out of country at that time. That friend of mine still got a ticket in spite of the good reason and when he went to fight the ticket in the court, the judge had to dropped the ticket against him because the car belongs to his dad and the renewal dates was supposed to fall on the birthday of his dad. So my friend wouldn't necessary remember to inform his dad to renew the license plate sticker every time it is due for renewal. So the fault somehow lies with his dad. If the Car had belonged to him then the renewal date would fall on his birthday, and he could remember to renew his license plate sticker.
asked in Windsor Region by Raymond Davis (158 points)

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3 Answers

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In Ontario, the easiest way to know if your car is due for license plate sticker renewal is to follow your birthday dates. You can either renew your license plate sticker for 1 year validity or 2 year validity depending on your choice. So when your birthday arrives, you would know that it is already time to renew your license plate sticker. Service Ontario actually allows you to renew your license plate sticker 180 days or 6 months before the expiry date. However you should have paid all your outstanding defaulted drivers fines before you want to renew your car license plate sticker.

There are two ways of renewing your car license plate sticker:

1. Online at Ontario License Plate Sticker Renewal.

2. At a ServiceOntario Centre near your place.

Either way, you will need to follow the steps below to successfully renew your license plate sticker:

1. Provide your vehicle permit number. This number starts with a letter followed by 7 digits. Example: A1234567

Car Owner Permit

2. Provide your license plate number. Example: ABCD 123

3. Provide your insurance company name and policy number.

4. Provide your vehicle's odometer reading. {The number of kilometers that your car had traveled}

5. Provide your drive clean information such as your vehicle inspection certificate number and drive clean 6 character security code. (I have noticed that these days, you do not have to provide this information because it seems like when you do the drive clean test in a mechanic garage authorized to do the test, he would have already uploaded the information into the computer system connected with the Ontario Drive test system. So when you go for your renewal, they don't usually ask for this information as it has already been uploaded into their system by the mechanic)

If you happen to renew your license plate sticker at the very last minute before the sticker expires, you can print out and carry your extended vehicle validation period receipt in your car. This receipt is valid for 10 days after the expiry date until you receive your new sticker in the mail. If a cops happen to pull you over for expired license plate sticker and you provide this printed document receipt, then you should be okay.

answered by James Davis (133 points)
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Watch video on "How to prevent theft on your car license plate and the plate stickers attached on it" :

answered by License Plate Stickers
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A lot of people asked about what they should do when they received their car's license plate sticker in Ontario?

The answer here below will help them with affixing the license plate sticker on their vehicle.

1. This is what you will get when you get your car license plate sticker on the mail.

Ontario license plate sticker

2. You will stick the colored bigger license sticker on the rear license plate (For personal use vehicles) of your car. The license plate sticker should be placed on the upper right corner of your rear license plate. You will know this big license plate sticker when you touch it because it feels like a smooth colored plastic sticker.

License Plate sticker

3. The other smaller white paper type sticker is for sticking onto your green vehicle permit document. Although they have provided 2 of these paper type sticker, you will only need to affix one of them on your vehicle permit document. The other one is probably a spare one for you to keep in case the other one gets misplaced.

answered by Nathan

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