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What is the best natural ways to stop a Diarrhea problem without taking medications too often?

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How can i prevent future Diarrhea problem from recurring over time and causing me to get dehydrated? As a child i have always had problem with a bad stomach ache or Diarrhea problem. Although this health problem does not happen every single day but it does come to me when i least expect it. It can be quite embarrassing for me especially when i am at work, and i had to excuse myself quite often at times during the day. I am just glad that my stomach does not make that growling funny noises which could put anybody off into a frowning gesture. I could just feel the urge to go to the toilet and relieve the pressure. What is more problematic is that the stool can be quite watery and occurs two or three times a day.

Family Doctor did prescribe me some medications to control the Diarrhea problem but i am afraid i have to take the medication so often. It comes and goes, and there are times i wonder if the Doctor could actually treat me in the long term. My urine test and other test turns out to be quite normal with no infection. This is the reason why i would prefer a natural long term treatment which does not do any further harm to my already weak body.
asked in Summerside by Mumtaz Fadil (180 points)

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2 Answers

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It is very natural for people to take medication to control diarrhea but you should know that medication only helps your body to prepare itself to fight against the bacteria and toxins buildup in your intestine and digestive system. Your body still has to do the major work of bringing your digestive system back to normal. Taking medication in the long run is of course not a good thing because then you would get used to having the medication to help you control your diarrhea. Without the regular dose of medication, your body could fall ill due to the severe diarrhea. Diarrhea is a serious health problem that should be looked after by a qualified Doctor who understands the real problem why you are having the symptoms so often. Once in a blue moon diarrhea is okay as long as it goes away within a week and doesn't come back for a long time after. It is the regular frequent type of Diarrhea that you should look out for.

I knew someone who was elderly about 82 years old, and he didn't quite take the medication prescribed by his doctor. In a few days time, his body became so weak that he collapsed onto the floor. His body had become so dehydrated due to the constant diarrhea problem and he wasn't replenishing his body with water. People with Diarrhea should hydrate themselves well by drinking enough water daily to replenish the water lost due to watery Diarrhea. Well, that person landed up at the hospital due to the severe fall onto the floor. He was hospitalized for 3 months after that. In fact, because of the fall, his spinal chord was injured and he was told by doctor that he will never be able to walk again until surgery is done on the spinal chord. Now the problem is that due to his old age, he won't survive the spinal chord surgery. So, you see how one problem leads into another problem.

I have found that doing detox to one's body is the best way to clean the digestive system and restore normal balance in a person's body. You can either detox your body by drinking healthy mix of vegetable and fruit juices daily such as Apple, Carrot, Celery, Pears, Grapes, Oranges There is not hard and fast rule for making your favorite juices. Just make sure they are fresh juices and not too sweet. No need to add sugar to your juices content as sugar is bad for your health. Those fruit juices already contains natural fruit and vegetable sugar. Another solution to your Diarrhea, is to drink Detox Tea. I swear that this helps a lot and this in fact was the only solution for me when i had a severe Diarrhea on my vacation to Thailand. I brought medication for my vacation trip but none of them worked to cure me of my Diarrhea. Finally, i drank detox tea and miraculously my stomach was okay within one day. You can get them from most Asian supermarket in North America.

Detox Tea

answered by Wan Li (182 points)
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Watch video on "The best natural way to stop a diarrhea problem at home" :

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