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How do i remove "Continue Watching" movies list from my Netflix Phone App or from my Smart TV?

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Netflix can be a very addicting thing to watch all those movies, documentaries and TV series, sometimes i become lost in time and doesn't realize that it was past my sleeping time already long ago. Don't try watching too much of action movies before going to bed, otherwise that will increase your Adrenaline in your blood which will prevent you from sleeping at all. This frequently happens to me when i watch some exciting movies or TV series. Especially if it is a TV series, i keep telling myself that i would watch just one more episodes and one more episode leads to two more and then three more episodes.

I have subscribed with Netflix for the two screen account which allows two person to watch movies under my same Netflix account. I share my Netflix account with my sister and i do not want her to be able to spy on what movies i am watching. That's why i need to delete the "Continue Watching" list from my Main screen interface, so that she can't see what movies i have been watching.
asked in Summerside by Emma Brown (130 points)

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2 Answers

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It is true that whatever you are watching in Netflix can be seen other person who is sharing the Netflix account with you. All they have to do is to simply click on your name in Netflix and then look under the "Continue Watching" list to see which movies have you been watching lately. So if you wanted to watch some embarrassing movies, you might have to complete the entire movie for it to disappear from the "Continue Watching" list. Even then Netflix gives out suggested movies by displaying suggestions like "Because you watched this movie, here are some related movies". 

To remove "Continue Watching" list right away, you can do the following:

1. Login to your account at Netflix.

2. Click on your name under "Who is Watching" title.

3. Look for "Account" under the drop down menu on top right of screen.

4. Look for "Viewing Activity" and click on it.

5. Under "My activity" list, you will find all the movies that you are currently watching and haven't finished.

6. To remove a movie from the list, click on "Circle with a slash across it" to hide it from viewing history.

Once you are done with removing the movies from your viewing history, don't forget to log out.

answered by Tiffany Woodard (137 points)
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Watch video on "How to easily remove Continue Watching list on Netflix" :

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