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Is it healthy to eat roasted or toasted barbequed food and fried food everyday?

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I am a fan of Barbeque or fried food and I can eat them in my every single meal. I know people like me, have a hard time trying to eat bland tasteless food. I don't like eating much of the boiled food with less salt. Much of my food has quite a lot of salt in it and I love food that has a strong flavour. I find it satisfying when I have eaten fried stuff and very unsatisfying when I didn't eat fried food or barbeque food.

During the summer time, you could find me barbequeing my food in my backyard often. Surprising I don't put on much weight thanks to my family genetics which provided me with a fast body mechanism. Whatever I eat and in big quantity, my body is able to digest them and still not put on much weight for me. Of course, I do a lot of walking too for exercise sake during my spare time. Anyone else eating as much as I do, would have already gained 10 pounds or more each month.

In recent years I began to feel concerned about my health when it comes to eating roasted toasted or fried foods. I could feel the heat in my body from eating all those food. Sure those food taste great but I am beginning to suspect they could lead to a downfall for my body health. No wonder I couldn't completely get rid of some stubborn acne on my face because I read that these type of food causes acne and pimples. Does anyone has personal eating habits similar to mine?
asked in Charlottetown by Joni Aleman (117 points)

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2 Answers

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Too much of anything is not a good thing. In the same way, eating a lot of roasted and toasted food is a bad habit that is hard to kick off. Sure anyone would say that it taste good and that it appeal to their choice of taste. Looking at the history of why people die because of their disregard for keeping a check on the food they eat, it is very obvious that fast food and especially Barbeque food kills in the long run. Some food sold in fast food restaurant especially those roasted or Barbeque food have those slightly black burnt portion on it and really it taste nice to eat them.

But scientist and researcher have found a strong link to indicate those burnt portion of food is actually carcinogen substance which when eaten for a long period of time can cause cancer in humans. Those black substance when it gets digested in your body, will turn into very small tumour initially. Then as time goes by, more and more of those burnt food gets converted into bigger and bigger tumour, to the point that tumour becomes cancer one day. Eating burnt food also causes your body DNA to lose control of replicating itself, thus resulting in randomly producing extra unnecessary cells in your body. When your body lose control of cell production, who knows it could produce any amount of cells types in very large amount that eventually leads to cancer.

So be precautious when choosing the right type of food. Boiled food are the best to eat but the least appealing to your palate taste. The reason why Japanese tend to live longer than most people in the world is due to the type of food they eat. They eat mostly seafood, vegetables, less oil, less fried stuff, and maybe eating food raw has a role to play in their longetivity as well.
answered by Linda Thompson (109 points)
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Watch video on "Some of the reason why fried food is dangerous to your health and body" :

answered by Food Dangerous

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