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Why is my smart WiFi Garage opener, manufactured by quality Chamberlain brand, opening on its own without me operating it or anyone of my family members?

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I always thought that when people think of garage opener, it is almost always going to be a choice of Chamberlain brand garage opener. The other brands just don't meet up to expectation as this one does but I was so wrong. Having read reviews from all over the Internet about how great Chamberlain products were, I myself bought a new smart wiFi Garage opener manufactured by Chamberlain brand. It was quite an expensive garage opener going for above $500 even on sale. It was the type where we can control the garage opener through the Chamberlain garage opener phone app using the MyQ technology. It seemed like a pretty cool thing to get especially for me, I get quite forgetful sometimes and i didn't know for sure if I closed my garage or not while leaving my house. The phone App allows me to check to see if my garage opener is in an "Open" state or "Closed" state. Then it allows me to have the option of closing it or opening it through the use of internet data phone plan while i am far away.

One day, something weird started to happen. I usually do not turn on my phone data while i am outside my house because it sorta drains my phone battery real fast. That day, i turned on my phone data plan to check on something and then i got the message from my "MyQ" phone App saying that my garage door opener was opened for about 15 minutes. I quickly closed it using the phone MyQ app and then i called my siblings and relatives who has my garage door code and asked them if anyone of them had opened my garage door. None of them had opened my garage door and so i was stumped. I thought it was just a one time accidental opening thing. Then after two days while i was at work, the stupid garage door opener opened by itself again without anyone activating it. Luckily, someone was home in my house and they closed the garage door. I learned about the incident when i came back home afterwards.

So i decided to unplug the power supply to the garage door opener and let the in-built backup battery drain out in order to reset the garage door opener. Even though the garage door opener was running on in-built backup battery, the garage door opener finally didn't open on its own. This was a sort of temporary solution until i figure out what the actual problem is. has anyone experience such kind of weird incident happening? I mean how bad is it to know that your garage door opener could open by itself without anyone activating it, especially when this product was supposed to be manufactured by the best brand chamberlain, when compared to other manufacturer in the market.
asked in Summerside by Orlando Berg (156 points)

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2 Answers

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There are several possible explanation for that strange reason of your garage opener opening on its own. You are not the first person to report such problem with their garage opener randomly opening on its own. Luckily for you, nothing had been stolen i presumed. Some other people actually had their garage raided by looters when it opened on its own. This is precisely the reason why sometimes i refuse to put a lot of valuable items in my garage. I have seen people put tons of stuff in their garage for storage and every time their garage is open, it makes it very tempting for anyone to attempt to peek inside and see if anything interest them.

1. It is possible that an airplane flying by had caused your garage door opener to open on its own. I am not making this story up, but people have reported this strange incident happening. Perhaps it has something to do with the similar frequency that the airplanes uses for communication or something. The newer garage opener had seemingly solved this problem by increasing their frequency range and largely avoiding the same frequency commonly used by the airplanes.

2. At the time when you are setting up your new garage opener, the instruction on the manual will ask you to press and hold some orange or red button behind or beside the garage opener unit in the ceiling, then you are asked to press your remote control to pair with your garage opener unit. If for any reason, anyone nearby like your Neighbour happens to press their own remote control to open their own garage opener, they will unknowingly have their remote control learn your code as well. In simple words, your neighbour will be able to control your garage opener now, because they pressed their remote control at the same time as when you were setting up your garage opener, by pressing the "Learn button".

3. A TV remote controller had somehow managed to control the opening of your garage opener. As strange as it might seem, this had really happened to some people. Whether it is your very own TV remote controller or a neighbour's remote controller, the fact is this is perhaps possible.

4. Someone had hacked into the Chamberlain's main MyQ server which contains all the secret emails and passwords of its users, and the hackers had probably triggered the opening of many garage doors. This theory is debatable since Chamberlain would have found out about it and released a patch to fix that problem.

5. There is something wrong with your internet WiFi in pairing with your garage opener. Something had caused it to become out of sync between them. The best solution is to completely reset your garage opener's MyQ internet WiFi settings and restart from scratch. You can still use the same username and password and same WiFi network, or you can change them. I solved mine problem using this method.

6. If you don't use the remote control for opening your garage door, it is best to disable them. Sometimes a malfunctioning remote control for garage door opener will trigger this problem. I disabled my remote control and i never had this problem again. To disable your remote control, when you press hold the orange or red button on the garage opener unit on ceiling to "learn", do not press your remote control button. After a while, your garage opener will learn the code and complete setup without the remote control. To test it, you can press the remote control and you will find that it does not control the garage opener anymore.
answered by Nick Murphy (169 points)
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Video on "How to fix a garage door opener that keeps opening by itself, when you didn't open it yourself":

answered by ronald marshall (115 points)

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