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Does it makes sense to install Solar Panel on Roof top and save on the Electricity in Canada?

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I read online that by installing Solar Panel on roof top, we can save lots of money on electricity. Also we can sell any surplus electricity to the Government and make some money on the side. There must be some catch here though because the government are actually encouraging people to install solar panels. In a country such as Canada we live in, most of our days are either covered with clouds or snows and I wonder if it is a feasible reason to install the solar panel. I have read online that people in London, England are doing it successfully putting solar panels on their roof top houses. London, England has got more cloudy weather and climates at most times of the year. At least here in Canada, we do enjoy good sunny weather at times.

Solar Panel

asked in Moose Jaw by Scott Smith (237 points)

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1 Answer

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Well, in most places in Canada the sunny days are short except for the southern part of Canada where sunshine is more abundant than in the north. If you can afford installing it, then its is a good thing. Not only will you be contributing to green energy but you will set an example for other people to follow. People just want others to first start something and then once they hear that those things have good reviews, then they start following what you do. I believe that Canadian Government does provide some subsidies for people who install solar panels in Canada.

These solar panels can be quite expensive ranging around $20,000 to $40,000. Solar panels need servicing and repairs within five to ten years and you need to factor in the servicing fees and repairs when budgeting on installing new solar panel. If your solar panels is found to be defective after few years, you might have to pay to have the whole thing replaced. That is why some people are discouraged to install solar panels on their roof because of fear of having to pay up later for repairs.

But fear not, because you will be saving on not needing to pay for the electricity you used. When there are days with lots of sunshine, whatever extra electricity produced by your solar panel can be sold to the Public Utility Company. In some cases, you can actually earn a profit for selling the extra electricity to the Public Utility Company. The Government will benefit from you because you will be helping them to achieve global warming targets.
answered by Lei Chung (180 points)

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