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How do i pollinate my Cucumber plants during the growing season in Canada?

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Last year, I have tried growing Cucumber plants because I loved eating fresh cucumber. I don't quite like the ones we buy at the supermarket since they are not as fresh as when we grow them. My friends once gave me her Cucumber harvest and they taste really good. Then I was intrigued to start growing my own cucumber. I tried my hands on growing Cucumer but after the flowers bloomed, the flowers just fell right off the stem and dried up. I couldn't see any fruits coming out of the stem. There were some small tiny size cucumber but they are not edible or ripe yet. Later, even those small tiny size cucumber turned yellow and withered away. I would really like to grow a big size Cucumber and harvest it to taste the sweetness of my labour. I want something like in the picture below.

Cucumber Plant

asked in Fort McMurray by Isaac Steele (168 points)

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1 Answer

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Surprisingly, Cucumber plant can be grown in big pots to save spaces. When growing in container pots, you must remember to fertilize them once in a month and you shouldn't water your cucumber plant too often. The reason why that is, if you water your cucumber plant too often and with too much water, your cucumber plant roots is proned to rotting and fungus growth. Also the nutrients from the soils are washed away easily and has to be replaced by applying fertilizer on the soil.

Very often, the flowers do not bear fruits due to the lack of nutrients and when they were not pollinated by the bees. Cucumber plant needs pollination to bear cucumbers. Sometimes you will be required to pollinate by hands. You need to pluck out the male flowers petals around the edges and insert the stamen centre portion of the male flowers into the centre of the female flowers. Female flowers are identified by a small miniature cucumber at the bottom of the flowers. Only the female flowers bears cucumber whereas the male flowers simply just withered away after a while.

Too much sun is not good for your cucumber plant during the summer and you need to put the plant at a medium sunny spot. The ideal place would be where the morning sunlight can reach the cucumber plant but the afternoon sunlight would not be able to reach the cucumber plant.

Cucumber plant are very sensitive to temperature fluctuation and are easily stressed out by extreme long hours of sunlight. Once the cucumber plant is damaged by too much heat or lack of water or insects fungus, the cucumber plant usually dies off and withered away. A lot of care is required to grow cucumber but the reward of getting fresh cucumber can be very tempting and satisfactory. This is what had motivated me to grow cucumber plants each year during the summer months.
answered by Nick Murphy (169 points)

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