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How do i stop renting my water heater from Reliance Home Comfort and buy my own water heater instead?

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It has been about 14 years that i was renting a water heater from reliance home comfort until one of my friend pointed out that i was wasting my money. She mentioned that the money spent on renting the water heater for all those years, i could have bought my own water heater. I made a calculation of the cost involved in buying a water heater and realized that only after 6 years will i see savings on my money. I compared renting and buying water heaters and found out that renting never ends and i could forever be paying money for it. i know that the water heater can get spoiled occasionally but even then the money i saved in owning water heater will cover the repair cost and still provides me some savings. In the long run, it is better to own than to rent a water heater. How do i start cancelling my renting of water heater from Reliance Home Comfort?
asked in City of Toronto by Cancel Water Heater Rent

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2 Answers

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Whatever you have mentioned is quite true, in regards to renting Vs buying water heater. I stopped renting my water heater a long time ago. I know that if i am renting water heater, in case of any problem i was could call reliance home comfort and they will send someone over to repair it without additional charges but i realized that water heater don't break down often. The money you saved by owning your water heater is enough to cover the occasional repair cost. What i did was when i bought my water heater, i bought the one with the longest warranty of 9 years that i could afford. The 9 years warranty was only for the water heater parts covered but 1 year is for labour warranty. I also opted for the extended warranty which covered upto 9 years of labour warranty as well. This means that in 9 years time, if anything were to happen to my water heater, i do not spend a dime for repairs at all since i am covered for both parts and labour warranty.

1. Call reliance home comfort at 18888371451. Let them know that you want to cancel your water heater service with them. 

2. You may have a choice to buyout the same water heater from them for a certain price as determined by them.

3. You will be charged $125 if you need them to come and disconnect and then pick up the water heater from your place.

4. If you don't want them to disconnect and pick up, you could have your technician do the disconnection. Most water heater seller would help you to disconnect the old water heater without charge.

5. If you just want them to come and pick up the disconnected water heater, it is a $65 charge.

6. If you want, you can drop off the water heater for free, at any of the Reliance Home Comfort Drop Off locations closest to you, or as will be mentioned by the customer representative.

7. Remember to first have the new water heater installed and the older water heater removed and placed on the side, where you can either have it picked up for $65 fees or you can drop it off at their location for free.

answered by Water Heater Rental Return
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Watch video on "Renting Vs owning water heater, Pros and Cons":

answered by Rent Buy water Heater

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